buy fifa coinst Winner Spain's fifth win

Brazil and Spain five-a-side football team called the project's absolute Kings,buy fifa coinsthe previous six world cups Brazil won 4 Championships, Spain team twice over. At this World Cup, Brazil group match in the 4-1 win over Japan, 13-0 demolition of Libya, 3-1 win over Portugal conceded three straight WINS in 20 games 2 goals showed a strong offense. After entering the knockout stages, Brazil team a 16-0 thrashing Panama team through to the last eight; one-fourth 4-3 victory in the final Argentina team semifinals with a 3-1 win over another South American team Colombia Spain teams group games start to go wrong, the opener was Iran's 2-2 draw, but they then take the 8-3 win over Panama, 5-1 win over Morocco qualify. In the playoffs, Spain irresistible force, 7-1 win over Thailand, 3-2 win over Russia, 4-1 win over Italy through to the final after the game, both in the transition speed, communication is very fierce. After a short trial after the attacks, Spain won smooth harmonious cooperation increasingly active on the field. When the race to 18 minutes and 48 seconds, Spain won on goal free kick opportunity, Irene shoots Mi Gu, Lozano slightly got the ball back to knock out column. The first half, the two teams drew 0-0 in the second half, Brazil brought on striker Falcao. When 24 minutes 11 seconds when the race, Brazil won the corner kick on the left, Falcao low ball to the edge of the area, Neto shot the ball, the ball hung on the upper-right corner of the goal, Brazil 1-0 to take the lead. After the goal, Spain fully back. When the game is on 29 minutes 55When Spain won the front left wing free kick opportunity. Zico cross to the left, Irene vigorously Mi Gu long shots by Brazil goalkeeper saved, Torres side-volley shot on a copy, Spain equalized. Only 1 minutes 01 seconds, Spain a penalty corner on the left. Ana Ortiz passes to aikaduo, who shot directly, the ball hit Brazil goalie leg into the goal, Spain will lead the score to 2-1. When the game is on 36 minutes and 18 seconds remaining, Brazil squad to play "50" tactics (goalkeeper assault), Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins - Fifa 15 Coins For Sale!!after consecutive foot, Falcao front middle toe, long shots, hanging ball corner, Brazil team to pull the score to 2-2. Eventually, the two teams during the 40-minute civil war into a 2-2 game into overtime-half of extra time, a total of 10 minutes. First half of extra time, both teams made a last-ditch, but did not score, the score remained 2-2. 1 minute 26 seconds before the end of the second half, Brazil won the penalty, but penalty kicks players kicked out straight to the bottom line. Before the final 19 seconds, Neto must pick the ball to the left, take their shot to break after a few steps, Brazil 3-2 to complete a game-winning. Eventually, Brazil 3-2 victory over Spain team to successfully defend the fifth won the Futsal World Cup champion Italy 3-0 Colombia

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